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GigaPOF-120SR is a revolutionary POF offering high performance and unmatched simplicity in a single package. With easy termination, relaxed optical alignment tolerances, and excellent IR and visible transparency, GigaPOF-120SR takes POF to a whole new level.

GigaPOF 120SR


Graded-index perfluorinated POF: combining the best of the glass fiber and plastic fiber worlds

Until now, the simplicity of plastic optical fiber came with a heavy price: low performance and a restriction to visible wavelengths. The Chromis GigaPOF® line overcomes that trade-off with low attenuation, IR-transparent perfluorinated polymer materials, a graded refractive index, and exacting geometric tolerances. GigaPOF-120SR easily supports Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed applications at distances up to 100 meters. Fast Ethernet is supported up to 200 meters.

Gigabit transmission capability with the simplicity of plastic optical fiber

GigaPOF-120SR meets the need for a high-performance fiber that can be used with very inexpensive connectors and apparatus. The 120-mm core of this fiber allows wide alignment and dimensional tolerances for components, but still couples well to most high-speed detectors.

Like the rest of our GigaPOFÒ line of optical fibers, GigaPOF-120SR can be easily terminated with simple, inexpensive tools, and tolerates long-term installed bend radii as small as 10 mm. .

Unequaled speed and flexibility

No other large-core optical medium provides the bandwidth and flexibility of GigaPOF-120SR. With minimum installed bend radius less than one third of 100/140 multimode silica fiber, and bandwidth 30 times higher than step-index POF, GigaPOF-120SR is your best choice for high speed in tight spaces.


Product specifications

Transmission characteristics

Attenuation at 850 nm (dB/km)

≤ 60

Attenuation at 1300 nm (dB/km)

≤ 60

Bandwidth at 850 nm (

≥ 300

Numerical aperture

0.185 ± 0.015

Macrobend loss (dB for 10 turns on a 25 mm radius quarter circle)

≤ 0.60

Zero dispersion wavelength (nm)


Dispersion slope (ps/

≤ 0.06

Physical characteristics

Core diameter (µm)

120 ± 10

Over-cladding diameter (µm)

490 ± 5

Core to over-cladding concentricity (µm)

≤ 5

Maximum tensile load (N)


Long-term bend radius (mm)


Environmental performance

Temperature induced attenuation at 850 nm from 20 C to +70 C (dB/km)

≤ 5

Temperature induced attenuation at 850 nm from +75 C 85% RH 30 day cycle (dB/km)

≤ 10

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