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GigaPOF-MC-100 media converters support two-way Fast Ethernet (100 Mb/s) links over a single GigaPOF® fiber. With distance support up to 300 meters, using either 62-micron or 120-micron GigaPOFÒ fibers, our MC100 media converter is the simplest, lowest-cost solution in the market for extended-length network links.

GigaPOF Media Converter


Single Fiber Connectivity

GigaPOF-MC-100 media converters use dual-wavelength technology to transmit in two directions over a single fiber.  850-nm laser light carries information in one direction, while 780-nm laser light carries information in the opposite direction.  As a result, you save money on cable, connectors, and installation labor.

A problem-solver for long runs

For network links too long to be reliably supported by copper cables, you now have a simple option that doesn’t need the tool kit or installation skills demanded by glass fiber solutions. With the GigaPOF-MC-100 media converters, and our GigaPOF® cables and field-installable SC connectors, anybody can quickly make their own network links up to 300 meters.

The world’s simplest optical Ethernet link

Extending your Ethernet network has never been simpler. With our single-fiber solution, there is no time wasted figuring out which fiber goes to which port. And as always, our GigaPOF® connectors are the world’s simplest field-installable optical connector.


Product specifications

Transmission characteristics

Minimum transmitted power (dBm)


Minimum receiver sensitivity (dBm)


Fiber receptacle


Maximum transmission distance (m)


Electrical power supply

DC input power required

5 V,  2 A

Supplied AC adapter

120 V,  60 Hz

Environmental performance

Maximum operating temperature (°C)


Minimum operating temperature (°C)


Maximum operating humidity (%)












Media converter part number *

Transmit wavelength

Receive wavelength


780 nm

850 nm


850 nm

780 nm

* GigaPOF-MC-100A and B are a complementary pair, used on opposite ends of a network link.









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