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Products listCrimp-on LC Connectors - field installable
Bare fibers

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Finishing tools

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Complete kits for field installation of GigaPOF® crimp-on connectors Our LD-series connectors and tool kits are by far the world’s simplest optical fiber connector system.
No optical fiber experience is needed to install multi-gigabit optical links in the field.

KITLD includes a stripper, a swaging crimper,
a pair of shears, a nipper, a polishing disc, polishing papers, a polishing pad, and a zipperable bag.

GigaPOF LC connector (glueless)


Fast, simple field termination of multi-gigabit optical links

These toolkits make field installation of GigaPOF® cables simpler than that of copper data cables. With just two crimps, one on the connector sheath and one on the tip of the ferrule, these tools permanently attach our industry-standard connector types to premise cables. No adhesives or index-matching gels are required, and the entire process takes less than a minute. No special training is needed, and even experienced optical fiber technicians will appreciate the speed, simplicity, and compact tool kit.

crimping tool

Installation instructions available at:
For LC:
For SC:

» Much faster and simpler than field-installation methods for glass fibers or copper data cables
» Can be used by personnel with no previous optical fiber experience
» Lower kit and connector cost than field-installable connectors for glass fiber
» No more glass fiber shards poked into fingertips
» Connector crimps on to fiber, no adhesives or gels required
» For large installations, consider fast, automated polishing using our termination machine,



Kit Models and Tools

Kit/Tool Part No.

Form Factor

Compatible Connectors *

Compatible Cables




GigaPOF-CN-SLC-LDCR (simplex)
GigaPOF-CN-DLC-LDCR (duplex)


All LD-series premises simplex and duplex zipcord cables

Complete tool kit for field-installing LC crimp-on connectors



GigaPOF-CN-SSC-LDCR (simplex)
GigaPOF-CN-DSC-LDCR (duplex)

Complete tool kit for field-installing SC crimp-on connectors



As above

LC or SC swaging crimp tool only

* Connector information available here












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