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Products listCrimp-on LC Connectors - field installable
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Automatic optical end-face termination machine for the GigaPOF® line of fibers. It prepares clean, smooth fiber end-faces in about 10 seconds on bare or buffered fibers, as well as on the connectorized fibers with GigaPOF® crimp-on LC and SC connectors. GigaPOF® flat cables can be terminated as one complete unit, leaving the fibers and yarn ready for insertion into optical subassemblies after single sheath stripping.

GigaPOF LC connector (glueless)


Instant, simple termination for gigabit links

With our automatic termination machine, termination of GigaPOF® fibers and cables is far simpler than any other gigabit-capable medium. This tool clamps the fiber, cable, or connector assembly, while a rotating diamond blade machines the end surface. The result is an end-face that is smooth and clean. Optical termination is completed in about 10 seconds, bringing the installed cost of GigaPOF® solutions well below glass and copper alternatives.

fiber cross section

Machine-terminated clean, repeatable end-faces, in the factory or in the field.

Features and applications

» 10-second preparation of high-quality end-faces with negligible labor and consumables
» Terminates multiple fibers at the same time
» Ideal for assembly of active optical cables with connectorless connection of GigaPOF® cables to gigabit devices.
» Instantly prepare connectorized optical ends in large premise installations


Faceplates* and Accessories for GigaPOF-TL-MM

Part Number





Faceplate for bare or buffered fibers

To be used for terminating unconnectorized fibers. Comes with two standard collets (31.5 mm long). Specify fiber size (0.49 –3.0 mm) for collets.



Faceplate for LC connectorized optical ends

To be used for terminating fibers connectorized with crimp-on LC connectors (GigaPOF-CN-SLC-LDCR or GigaPOF-CN-DLC-LDCR). Not for use with ceramic ferrules.



Faceplate for SC connectorized optical ends

To be used for finishing fibers connectorized with crimp-on SC connectors (GigaPOF-CN-SSC-LDCR or GigaPOF-CN-DSC-LDCR). Not for use with ceramic ferrules.



Replacement standard collet for bare/buffered fibers

To be used with GigaPOF-TL-MMFP-BF. Standard collet length is 31.5 mm. Specify fiber size (0.49-3.0 mm).



Replacement 4 mm diamond blade

5 mm blades also available



Relap (sharpening) of worn blade

Worn blades can typically be relapped 4 times

  * Additional faceplates are available for factory termination of flat cables and custom cables.















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