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Chromis Fiberoptics is a pioneer in the technology of plastic optical fiber, and is a leading OEM supplier of perfluorinated graded-index POF. We supply high performance plastic optical fibers for a wide range of applications, from high speed backplanes to optical LANS for homes and offices. Our graded-index plastic fibers make it easy for you and your customers to take gigabit networking to places it has never gone before. With Chromis optical fibers, installing and using high-speed optical networks can be as simple as ordinary wiring.

In addition to our stock fibers, Chromis offers custom fiber design and manufacturing services.  If you have a unique communications, sensing, illumination and power delivery applications contact us and to find out what innovative solutions our industry-leading R&D team can provide for you. Our patented extrusion manufacturing process allows us make fiber without a preform, so we can meet specialty needs with fast delivery times and prices that others can’t match.


6 Powder Horn Drive, Warren, NJ 07059 USA     Tel : 732 764 0900     Fax : 732 764 0933     Email :
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