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New GigaPOF from Chromis  

GigaPOF® is fast, safe, and simple. It enables direct connector-free interfacing to 10 Gbps devices, and is an ideal cable for constructing
high-speed USB and HDMI active optical cables for use in consumer environments.

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GigaPOF® is the Next-Generation Plastic Fiber system
for Consumer Electronic Applications

Finally—designers, integrators and installers of consumer electronic interconnects have a safe, fast and simple alternative to glass fibers and copper conductors. GigaPOF® is an extruded polymer fiber that is compliant with existing standards and also meets the most stringent building code requirements for consumer electronic interconnect. Faster than copper, GigaPOF® offer a safe, simple media to 100 meters x 10GBPS and beyond!

Consumer Electronics Applications  

Converter Compliance
50 and 62.5 mm Core Sizes:
These available fibers interface directly with existing interfaces via simple LC, SC, ST and custom optical connectors

Active Optical Cables
The precision and simple
of GigaPOF® allows
direct connector-free attachment methods in the construction
of active optical cables. This enables cost- effective, backward compatible HDMI, DVI and Display Port interfaces as well as next-generation USB and Firewire.

Bandwidth Migration: GigaPOF® is a graded index fiber offering migration to 10 Gbps and beyond.

GigaPOF® meets EIC Standard 60793-2-40 and meets Plenum, Riser, and LSZH codes.


Ductile fiber: Crimp attached
Mode Coupling: relaxed launch and detect tolerances
Geometric control: The fiber can be used as the ferrule for connector free options and compact packaging.
Simple end-prep: Enface milling tool for factory automation, hand-held blade cutter for field uses.

Safe and Durable Cables
100% free of shards, ductile GigaPOF® supports a 5mm long-term bend radius, and does not exhibit fatigue like silica fibers.
And GigaPOF®  has no bend-induced cross-talk at high speeds like copper.

Consumer Electronics GigaPOF Applications  

GigaPOF® Fibers
Core Diameters:
50, 62.5,120, 200 microns

GigaPOF® Cables
Ratings: Plenum, Riser, LSZH
Structures: Simplex, Duplex, Multifiber and Hybrid electrical-optical structures



GigaPOF® Connectors
Connector Free: Use the fiber as the Ferrule!
Clip-On: SC, LC,SMI
Epoxy/Polish: SMI,SC,LC,ST,SMA

GigaPOF® End-Prep Tools
For field and factory uses




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