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New GigaPOF  

With connector-free interfacing to 10 Gbps, GigaPOF© is ideal for construction of active optical cables for use in data center interconnects.

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GigaPOF® is the Practical Optical Fiber
for Data Center Interconnects

Combining flexibility with outstanding performance, GigaPOF offers a practical alternative to traditional copper cables for data center interconnects. Lightweight and small, GigaPOF fibers bend easily through tight workspaces and terminate without the need of special connectors for a simpler, more cost-effective interface than any other optical solution. In addition, the mode coupling of GigaPOF fibers provide relaxed opto-electronic to fiber interface tolerances.

data center application

Physical advantages
Smaller Size: GigaPOF cables are over 80% smaller than copper alternatives, maximizing airflow and decreasing use of real estate.

Lighter Weight: GigaPOF cables are over 80% lighter than copper cables, ensuring lower stress and more reliable connections and mounting.

Tighter Bends: GigaPOF cables offer bend radii that are 10 times tighter than copper cables, saving space in back panels and easing installation bottlenecks.

Low Power
GigaPOF offers significant energy savings: 10Gbps transport links require less than 10% of the power a similar copper-based system requires.


Optoelectric Tolerance
"Just get the light in the fiber" GigaPOF produces mode coupling which offer much more useful launch/detect apertures than glass.

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Connector Free Designs
GigaPOF fibers are extruded to outstanding tolerances, allowing the fiber to be used as an alignment ferrule. The result? Connector free designs.


Data Center Products from Chromis  

GigaPOF Fibers
Available in 50,62.5,120,
200 microns

GigaPOF Cables
Ratings: Plenum, Riser, LSZH  
Structures: Simplex, Zipcord, Breakout, Distribution, Ribbon











GigaPOF® Connectors
Connector Free: Use the fiber as the Ferrule!
Clip-On: SC, LC,SMI
Epoxy/Polish: SMI,SC,LC,ST,SMA

GigaPOF® End-Prep Tools
For field and factory uses














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