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New GigaPOF from Chromis Fiberoptics  

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GigaPOF© is a Next-Generation Plastic Fiber System
for Commercial and Residential Networking

Finally, designers, integrators and installers of enterprise networks have a safe, fast and simple alternative to glass fibers and copper conductors. GigaPOF is an extruded polymer fiber that is compliant with existing standards and also meets the most stringent building code requirements for commercial or residential networking. Faster than copper, GigaPOF offer a safe, seamless migration path with glass fiber to 10GBPS and beyond!

Enterprise Networking Applications  

Seamless Interface
50 and 62.5 micron Core Sizes: Incredible geometric control allows GigaPOF to interface directly with existing glass fibers for a safe, simple transition from glass to plastic near end users.

650, 850, 1300, 1550 nm Windows: GigaPOF offers 100s of meters of performance with traditional transmission equipment.

Bandwidth Migration: GigaPOF is a graded index fiber offering migration to 10 gbps and beyond.


GigaPOF meets EIC Standard 60793-2-40 and meets Plenum, Riser, and LSZH codes.

Ductile fiber: Crimp attached
Mode Coupling: Relaxed launch detect.
Geometric control: Connector free options


Enterprise GigaPOF products  

GigaPOF Fibers
Core Diameters:
Available in 50, 62.5,120, 200 microns.

GigaPOF Cables
Ratings: Plenum, Riser, LSZH  
Structures: Simplex, Zipcord, Breakout, Distribution


GigaPOF Connectors
Connector Free: Use the fiber as the ferrule!
Clip-On: SC, LC, SMI
Epoxy/Polish: SMI, SC, LC, ST, SMA






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