Jon Herron

“Anyone who has worked with HDMI 2.0 in all its different “flavors” knows how tricky it can be to troubleshoot problems when they occur. Between EDIDs, bandwidth issues and never-ending firmware updates, there are simply too many places where things can go sideways.

A few months ago, I added a couple new items to my toolkit. One was the 10m GigaPOF fiberoptic cable from Chromis. It has saved the day several times, including once at a trade show where the long run to the projector was simply not reliable.

Getting a rock-solid 18Gbps connection on copper wire is challenging, especially at longer lengths. The GigaPOF just works, as proven by the Fox & Hound and subjective experience. And I feel the picture is actually better. Perhaps the optical cable’s immunity to electromagnetic interference makes the difference.

The GigaPOF also lives within the 50mA HDMI spec for current draw, so you don’t need cumbersome wall warts to power the cable. Highly recommended.”

-Jon Herron, International Sales Manager, Americas – Trinnov