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new MedPOF from Chromis Fiberoptics


MedPOF achieves breakthrough optical performance that surpasses traditional plastic optical fibers.

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MedPOF is multilayered to optimize performance. The layers are extruded to outstanding tolerances. The resulting fiber is biocompatible and sterilizable.

Chromis fiber cross section


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MedPOF complies with USP Biological Reactivity Tests in vivo–USP Class VI–so designers are free to target the sterile field and invasive applications. MedPOF can be sterilized by conventional EtO or Radiation techniques.



MedPOF is a next-generation plastic fiber, offering superior safety, ductility and transparency for medical applications.

Unlike brittle glass fibers, Chromis MedPOF perfluorinated plastic optical fiber provides protection and flexibility for demanding handling and placement needs in medical applications. Chromis MedPOF overcomes the shortcomings of other plastic fibers, presenting low attenuation, IR-transparent perfluorinated polymer materials, and exacting geometric tolerances.

Medical Applications  

Medical Sensing
Biochemical: MedPOF is transparent for today and tomorrow's wavelengths for direct
or spectroscopic techniques.

Temperature and Pressure: MedPOF is compatible with extrinsic or intrinsic optical techniques.

Dosimetry: MedPOF enables detection of gamma, e-beam,
x-ray and UV-IR radiation levels.

pulse oximeter

MedPOF's glass-like transparency makes it an optimal choice for pulse oximetry.


Medical Illumination
MedPOF fibers have a 5mm long-term bend radii for endoscopic illumination and flexible image bundles. Also idea for catheter placement indicators, including intrinsic and extrinsic detection.

Medical Power Delivery
Chromis MedPOF is well suited for
use in low power opthalmic and photodynamic therapy probes.
It can be terminated using simple, inexpensive tools. And it polishes in seconds to a smooth, low-loss power-friendly end face.


MedPOF available forms  

Fiber Geometries
Available from 5 to 2000 microns

Cable Jackets
Medical grade rubber, PVC, PE,
PP and Fluoropolymers


Custom or standard proximal and distal configurations. Let us help you create the total solution.

small fiber





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