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  • Jan 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chromis Fiberoptics, INC. Hires Frank Graziano, President. Download a pdf of the full press release here.

  • Jan 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chromis and Partners Announce Innovative Active Optical Cables for Multi-Gigbit Interconnects. Download a pdf of the full press release here.

  • April 2012 Chromis Fiberoptics Launches Low-Cost HDMI Active Optical Cable. Download a pdf of the full press release here.

  • April 2012 Chromis Fiberoptics GigaPOF®-80AC Graded-Index Gigabit POF product specifications now available online. Download the SP-FB-07 GigaPOF80AC spec sheet here.

  • March 2012 Chromis Fiberoptics introduces low-cost HDMI Active Optical Cables with complete HDMI 1.3 high speed functionality. Download the SP-CB-O6 HDMI Active Optical Cable spec sheet here.

  • March 2012 Chromis Fiberoptics launches two new products: duplex and simplex PMMA fiber cables. Download the CP1000-CB-BDZR Duplex PMMA Fiber Cables spec sheet here. Download the CP1000-CB-BSMR Simplex PMMA Fiber Cables spec sheet here.

  • March 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to present on products and technologies for Commercial Deployment of Gigabit POF Communication at the POF Symposium held at the POF Application Center during the OFC/NFOEC. Download the full Chromis FIberoptics OFC/NFOEC presentation.

  • August 2011– Optics Express, "CWDM based HDMI interconnect incorporating passively aligned POF linked optical subassembly modules". This work provides a low-cost high-volume multi-Gigabit optical interconnect solution for HDMI active optical cables. Such an interconnect, capable of transmitting a full 1080p HDMI video signal, is constructed using low-cost VCSELs, injection molded parts, passive alignments, and two GigaPOF fibers. A 1080p HDMI signal from a Blu-ray player is delivered through the interconnect to an HD LCD monitor, and successfully diplays a high quality video.

  • OFC/NFOEC March 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to present on the technologies and systems for commercial deployment of high-speed POF at the POF Symposium held at the POF Application Center during the OFC/NFOEC. Download the full Chromis FIberoptics OFC/NFOEC presentation.

  • February 2011 – Optics Express, "Ribbon plastic optical fiber linked optical transmitter and receiver modules featuring a high alignment tolerance". This work features construction of a low-cost and high-volume HDMI interconnect using VCSELs, injection molded parts, and a quad GigaPOF ribbon. The proposed interconnect is capable of transmitting a high quality 1080p HDMI video signal.

  • October 2010 – Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chromis Fiberoptics announce their partnership in developing, promoting and selling plastic optical fibers, cables, and related products. The announcement was made on October 22, 2010 during Sekisui’s GINOVER product launching held at Sekisui’s corporate R&D center in Kyoto, Japan. The alliance will enable both companies not only to provide a wider range of plastic optical fiber solutions for various markets, but also to develop new higher temperature and low cost polymer materials for optical fiber manufacture.

  • May 2010 – NYCE and Chromis Fiberoptics jointly launch a Plenum-Rated Plastic Optical Fiber Cable. Read the press release online, or download a pdf version.

  • OFC/NFOEC Mar 2010 – San Diego, CA. – Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to speak on the use of perfluorinated graded index plastic optical fiber systems in consumer electronics applications at a symposium held at the Plastic Optical Fiber Market and Technology Center during the OFC/NFOEC. Download a pdf of the full presentation.

  • June 2009 – Chromis announces additional global distributors that carry Chromis Fiberoptics products. See our Products page.

  • December 2008 – Chromis announces updated website page available for information about their consumer electronics market, including active optical cable applications.

  • November 2008 – Chromis announces updated website pages available for data centers, enterprise networking, and medical markets.

  • Warren, NJ Mar 2008Chromis announces the formation of an Advisory Board of Fiber Optic Industry experts.

  • Warren, NJ Nov 2007 Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to speak on advances in plastic optical fibers at the International Wire and Cable Symposium (IWCS 2007 Nov 10-13th). Chromis will also have their high speed, low loss, perfluorinated optical fibers on display during the IWCS Exhibition.
  • Trenton, N.J. (Oct 2007)The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) has closed a $1-million investment through the Edison Innovation Fund to assist in the growth of Chromis Fiberoptics, Inc. The Edison Innovation Fund, a key element of Governor Jon S. Corzine’s Economic Growth Strategy, was created to support technology companies throughout their discovery, development and commercialization stages. (Full Article)
  • ECOC Oct 2007 - The University of Keil, Germany presents 40Gbps performance on Chromis’ perflorinated optical fibers at ECOC 2007. The feasibility of error free transmission over 50 meters of Chromis’ GI-POF shows high robustness towards bending influences and polarisation changes. In addition, the tolerable launching offset is found to be +/- 10 microns for the perfluorinated optical fibers which is significantly larger than that of glass multimode fibers. (Full Article)
  • Sept 2007 -  In testing done by NAMSA, Chromis' perfluorinated optical fibers have passed biocompatibility tests to USP Class VI levels.   (Full Article)
  • Warren, NJ May 2007: Chromis Fiberoptics announces a global distribution agreement with Thorlabs of Newton, NJ. Thorlabs is a broad line, high end, optical catalog/distribution company. They offer the standard Chromis’ perfluorinated optical fiber and cable products on a global basis allowing optical designers access to this advanced plastic fiber technology. Thorlabs also offers all the associated hardware to aid designers in the evaluation, testing, and implementation of Chromis’ products.
  • March 29,2007In a presentation at OFC 2007, "40 Gbps links using plastic optical fibers", Georgia Institute of Technology reports independent research on Chromis GigaPOF® fibers supporting 40 Gigabits/second to 100 meters.   Also, the mode coupling phenomenon demonstrated in GigaPOF® allows relaxed launch and detect tolerances.  This offers a greatly simplified electro-optic interface with GigaPOF®. (Full Article)
  • March 1, 2007Chromis hires Dana DuToit as Vice President of Sales and Marketing (Full Article)

  • September 11 - 14, 2006. Chromis at POF 2006 : Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to present its successful development and commercialization of GigaPOF®, Chromis’s next-generation plastic optical fiber product-line for high bandwidth data communication, in the 15th International Conference on Plastics Optics Fiber, Seoul, Korea.

  • June 2006. FibreSystems Europe in association with LIGHTWAVE Europe, “POF@10G: Full Speed Ahead” (Full article).

  • June 2006. Lightwave, “POF in international cabling standards” (Full article).

  • May 2006. Lightwave, “IEC standard for plastic optical fibers” (Full article).

  • March 9-10, 2006. Chromis at OFC 2006: Chromis with its partner companies demonstrated 10G GI-POF transmission during the OFC 2006 at Anaheim, CA. The demo was preceded by a press briefing on the 9th. Chromis CEO Whitney White discussed POF and its advantages in the briefing. The fiber and cables used in this demo were all Chromis GigaPOF® products (Press Release and Briefing Material).

  • July 7, 2005. Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to present its work on graded-index polymer optical fibers in the 10th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, Seoul, Korea. The title of the presentation is “High-Performance GI-POF Produced by Extrusion”.

  • April 2005. Chromis Fiberoptics is awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I Grant by the US National Science Foundation (Award No. DMI-0512100). This award is made in the category of Manufacturing Innovation to extend Chromis’ extrusion manufacturing process for low attenuation graded-index polymer optical fibers to include ultra-high bandwidth fibers.

  • September 30, 2004. Chromis Fiberoptics is invited to present its high bandwidth GI-POF work in POF 2004, the largest international conference on plastic optical fibers and their applications. The paper is titled as “New results on the manufacturing of ultra-high bandwidth perfluorinated GI-POF by extrusion”.

  • June, 2004. Chromis Fiberoptics successfully completed its buy-out of OFS’s POF business including all the assets, manufacturing equipments, patents, and intellectual properties. All the core members of the R&D team will continue as part of Chromis.



  • July 2006, New career opportunities are available. Please check position openings in Careers/Openings.

  • We will be relocated to a new state-of-art facility at Warren, NJ as of November 2004. Our new address, contact numbers, and the driving directions can be found in the Contact Us.

  • Conference Announcement: POF 2004, the 13th international conference on plastic optical fibers, Nuremberg, Germany, September 27 - 30, 2004.



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