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perfluorinated optical fibers and cables

Chromis GigaPOF™ perfluorinated plastic optical fibers support a wide variety of applications, from backplane connections that might be less than a meter long, to local area network applications spanning distances up to 200 meters. Chromis also offers specialty plastic fibers and consulting services.

Designed for high-speed optical links with few or no fiber-fiber connections, our GigaPOF-SR family of short reach fibers gives you multi-Gb/s performance at distances up to 100 meters. If you want to minimize connector and apparatus costs with relaxed alignment tolerances, try our 120-micron core fiber GigaPOF-120SR. Or if performance and compatibility with glass fiber transceivers is paramount, look into GigaPOF-62SR or GigaPOF-50SR, which has a core size and numerical aperture compatible to multi-mode silica fiber.

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Evaluation quantities of Chromis’ products are available from our global distributor, Thorlabs.

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bullet Specialty Fibers and Cables

Do you have a special application for plastic optical fibers or cables? Chromis can help! Our experienced engineering staff can assist you in determining the optical, mechanical, and environmental specifications required for your application. Then we put our materials experience and manufacturing expertise to work to make it a reality. Because our patented extrusion manufacturing process greatly reduces development costs, we can supply your specialty needs in a timely way at the best possible price. For further information, please contact:


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