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GigaPOF-50SR is a low-attenuation, IR-transparent graded-index POF with higher bandwidth than any other type of plastic optical fiber. Offering easy termination, compatibility with conventional glass fiber transceivers, and tight-bending capability, no other gigabit optical medium is so easy to use.

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Product Description

The Chromis GigaPOF® line combines the best of the glass and plastic optical fiber worlds with low attenuation, IR-transparent perfluorinated polymer materials, a graded refractive index, and exacting geometric tolerances.

GigaPOF-50SR has a core size and numerical aperture that closely match standard 50 micron multimode glass fiber. meeting the need for a high-performance fiber that can be used with very inexpensive connectors and apparatus.

GigaPOF-50SR can be easily terminated with simple, inexpensive tools and polishes in seconds to a smooth, low-loss end face. It can tolerate long-term installed bend radii as small as 5 mm.

Download product specification sheet: SP-FB-01_GigaPOF50SR


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