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The Chromis Advantage

Chromis has developed a patented technology of producing high-performance GI-POF by extruding bulk materials to directly form a graded-index POF, without the need for any preform step. Until now, no extrusion process has een available to produce GI-POF with acceptable properties for high performance applications. Since GI-POF requires a technique for consistently forming a graded-index structure, it greatly increases the complexity of any extrusion process. In addition, a very high purity perfluorinated material must be maintained in the extrusion process to produce GI-POF with low attenuation below 30 dB/km. The industry-leading scientists and engineers at Chromis solved these problems and patented a breakthrough process technology that is capable of producing GI-POF with bandwidth upto a few Ghz-km and attenuation below 30 dB/km over a wide range of the near-infrared optical wavelengths.

Our extrusion technology is based on a streamline process
that continuously converts the bulk materials to concentric layers of melt streams, forms graded index structures as the melt streams flow down, and draws fibers to desired dimensions. By controlling the temperature, residence times, and relative flow rates of the core and clad materials, a very wide variety of refractive index structures and fiber dimensions can be produced. Our process is also compatible with various polymer materials such as materials for high temperature applications or flame-retardant applications. Our efficient, flexible, and cost-effective extrusion process enables us to make fibers to meet your specialty needs as well as for standard applications with fast delivery times and very competitive prices.


GI-POF extrusion system


Cross-section of extruded perfluorinated GI-POF with an overclad (reinforcement) layer. Core/Clad/Overclad, 120/230/495 µm. This is one of the many fiber geometries achievable with our process.


Spectral attenuation of extruded perfluorinated GI-POF. The relatively flat spectrum is due to very low material dispersion of our perfluorinated polymer material. A fiber such as this is applicable at a wide variety of wavelengths, including 650 nm, 850 nm, and 1300 nm.





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