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Graded Index Polymer Optical Fiber (GI-POF) is is an optical fiber made from a very transparent optical polymer with a graded refractive index that enables the fiber to support very high data rates. The main purpose of GI-POF is to make it simple to install a high performance fiber network. Instead of the expensive cleaving tools, epoxying, and polishing familiar to glass fiber users; GI-POF offers inexpensive, simple termination tools, and connectors that can just be crimped on. It’s a whole new way of doing gigabit optical networking!

What Chromis has contributed to next-generation POF is a breakthrough manufacturing technology. Unlike conventional preform-based manufacturing processes for GI-POF, the patented extrusion process developed at Chromis allows high production rates by extruding fibers directly from bulk materials. This not only makes GI-POF much less expensive to produce, it also allows much shorter development times for new types of GI-POF.


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