Delivering Data at the Speed of Light

Pioneering the use of high-performance, plastic optical fibers to deliver data at the speed of light, Chromis is filling the need for economical, high-bandwidth, short-distance data and video links for data centers, professional A/V, consumer electronics and other high-performance computing applications. Chromis also produces specialty optical fibers and custom cables for medical, industrial sensing and a variety of other applications. Our core technology is protected by over a dozen U.S. and foreign patents and patents pending.

About Chromis Fiberoptics

With a history of innovation spanning more than two decades, Chromis is the leading provider of high-bandwidth, low-attenuation, tight-bending GigaPOF® graded-index polymer optical fiber, bulk cable and active optical cables. Proudly engineered and manufactured in New Jersey, you can find our patented technology in thousands of advanced products world-wide.

Meet Our Leadership Team

When it comes to deep industry knowledge backed by unparalleled technical expertise, you can count on our innovative leaders to provide you with the products and critical insight you need—when you need it.

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