Take advantage of optical fiber technology with a simple plug-and-play cable to enable the best possible learning experience across classrooms, training centers and lecture halls.

Custom Install

Chromis GigaPOF® HDMI and DisplayPort active optical cables simplify the challenges of uncompressed video signal distribution over longer distances. Economical, reliable and compatible with a broad array of source and sink devices, our cables are a great addition to the professional installer’s toolkit.

Consumer Electronics

The next-generation solution for high-speed interconnects, our patented GigaPOF® technology enables faster data transmission rates between computers, smartphones, tablets, UHD displays and other consumer electronic devices.


Our next-generation GigaPOF® perfluorinated plastic optical fibers provide protection and flexibility for demanding handling and placement needs in medical applications such as sensing, illumination and low-power delivery.


Advanced data centers are driving the most demanding requirements for interconnect performance, efficiency and cost—and active optical cables are the solution. Chromis GigaPOF® 25Gb/s and 100Gb/s AOCs are as simple to use as copper cables, but support higher data rates over longer distances.


More and higher-resolution sensor systems are among the primary drivers of demand for greater use of optical links in aircraft, automobiles and other commercial and consumer transportation vehicles. Chromis high-temperature GigaPOF® polymer optical fibers are designed to meet these needs with greater durability and lower cost than glass optical fibers.