Optical performance with the simplicity and cost of copper?  Believe it. Chromis next-generation GigaPOF® active optical cables bring the benefits of fiber optic technology to low-cost, long-reach, UL-listed plenum connections for digital signage applications.

Businesses and institutions in industries as diverse as retailing, hospitality, entertainment, education and more are using digital signage content delivery to engage with their customers.

In the past, installers wanting a simple way to connect content sources to static or interactive touch-screen displays over longer distances have had limited options. Passive copper cables are thick, heavy and difficult to pull through tight spaces. Copper cables using active electronics are only slightly less bulky, and still top out at fairly short distances. The typical solution for longer video links has been complex and expensive extenders, requiring external power sources and costly maintenance.

Instead, Chromis GigaPOF® plug-and-play active optical cables are thinner and lighter, as well as more durable and flexible than copper solutions, supporting distances up to 100 meters (328 feet).