Technical References

Chromis Fiberoptics Technical References

10Gb/s Transmission in GI-POF

Take a look inside our early experiments on very high-speed transmission with perfluorinated POF. This article includes the first demonstration of 10 Gb/s transmission in POF.

40Gbps Transmission in GI-POF over POF

40Gbps Transmission in GI-POF for Variable Launching Offsets

Wide Transmission Spectral Window of GI-POF

Discover the extraordinary ability of perfluorinated GI-POF when used to maintain high bandwidth over a wide range of transmission wavelengths. This article describes experiments using a single sample of perfluorinated GI-POF to transmit multi-Gb/s data over 100 meters at 850 nm, 980 nm and 1300 nm.

Extrusion Manufacturing of GI-POF

Learn more about the extrusion manufacturing of perfluorinated GI-POF.

Discover the Technology Behind Chromis Perfluorinated GI-POF

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