Discover the Technology Behind Our GI-POF Active Optical Cables

Our New Jersey-based engineering and manufacturing operation has been pioneering optical fiber technology for more than 20 years. It all started at the legendary Bell Labs, where our company founders developed a patented process for making multi-gigabit/s fiber—GigaPOF ®—out of plastic.

Made from an extremely transparent optical polymer with a graded refractive index that enables the fiber to support very high data rates—GI-POF makes it economical and simple to create high-speed data links, such as our GigaPOF® active optical cables. Instead of the expensive cleaving and polishing familiar to glass fiber users, Chromis GigaPOF® enables inexpensive termination and passive alignment to optical engines. With our patented manufacturing technology, we can produce GigaPOF® at high production rates directly from bulk materials. This not only makes GigaPOF® less expensive to produce, it also allows much shorter development times for new types of GigaPOF®.


Designed for Performance.

Chromis doesn’t deliver “me too” products. Our patented GigaPOF® polymer optical fiber technology ensures superior performance today and well into the future. Standard glass fiber is susceptible to fracturing and can degrade over time, compromising your system’s long-term performance. Chromis cables are immune to micro-fracture fatigue and will perform even under the harshest conditions. Simply put, our products create an audio-visual experience unlike any other.

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