OEM Solutions

Excellence in OEM

For more than two decades, Chromis Fiberoptics has been the leading provider of the future of high-speed signal transmission in high-bandwidth, low-attenuation tight-bending GigaPOF® graded-index polymer optical fiber, bulk cable and active optical cables. We’ve developed a patented process for making multi-gigabit/s fiber out of plastic in addition to 15+ other patents and trade secrets. That same polymer technology that provides first-rate performance also makes our products the most durable on the market in endless customizable configurations. Originating at the legendary Bell Labs we proudly engineer and manufacture our GigaPOF® fiber in New Jersey. Serving clients throughout the world, you’ll find our technology in the consumer electronics, data center, aerospace, industrial and medical industries through our OEM channels.

As a trusted OEM for many major brands, we’re committed to simplifying your high-speed distribution challenges by providing the highest performing, most reliable and compatible solutions based on glass and our patented polymer optical fiber technology. We are experts in AOCs and provide full cable and connector customization. By providing extensive testing and support, you’ll always have the highest performing solution at your disposal, so you can provide your customers with the best on the market.